You are the owner of a service-based business, with 1 – 10 employees. You want both the clarity about what to do next in your business and the confidence to do it; you believe in putting your customer at the heart of your business and you want a healthy work/life balance.

My name is Tony Champion and with over 25 years’ experience running small businesses, I am passionate about serving small business owners like you because I know from personal experience that it can be lonely running your own business, not to mention very hard work.

It is true that there are some very astute business owners who spotted an opportunity and became rich relatively quickly; but, for the vast majority of us, success has come after a very hard slog. And of course what constitutes success for one person will be different for the next.

Success for me is being happy and wanting what I have got. It has taken me a while to get here but I made it! I live in the south of England (close to Gatwick Airport) with my wife and our dog. I enjoy what I do, i.e. serving others, and I enjoy our time together as a family, especially when our son comes to visit. I have achieved my perfect work/life balance.

After a bespoke coaching programme my clients have dismantled the internal barriers that were preventing them from moving forward and they have a positive action plan for the future.

I help my clients transform their business by changing their mindset because Mindset Matters.

Let’s arrange a free 60-minute consultation to explore how I might help you with your business.

My promise to anyone that I work with is that I will commit 100% to your success and together we will identify and achieve your measurable objective(s).

My guarantee. I am so committed to your success that unless you see results you will pay only for what you feel my coaching is worth and I will refund the balance.

Finally I invite you to subscribe to my mailing list and I promise not to bombard you with information. What I will do though, as a 'thank you', is send you a copy of my "How to develop helpful habits - A primer."

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